Albertine – Drops

Brief summary:

Singer-songwriter Yanna Albertine Pelser (a.k.a Albertine) asked us to create a stop-motion/mixed media music video for her song ‘Drops’.

Drops is a song about her ‘coming out’ in a musical sense and that is what we try to express in this video as well. It’s scary to do something that is really ‘you’. It is ok to be quirky. It is ok to figure it out along the way. Albertine produces songs that feel authentic, vulnerable and powerful all at the same time and we are very touched she chose us to compliment that with a video.

We had an absolute blast working with the artist and we have learned so much being part of her world for a little while. Thanks Yanna!


Storyboard / Animatic
Max Peterse
Eileen Boeijkens
Special thanks
Jein Studio (Britt van Kruchten, Nina Mertz)
Frog puppet (Albert)
Fenna Versteegen
Stop-motion and video
Max Peterse / Eileen Boeijkens


Coming soon!