Happy Spring

Brief summary:

We made this small video for our socials to celebrate the arrival of spring. And what reminds us more of spring than pink blossom petals? Finally, blossom petals remind us of Japan and there you have it!


Eileen Boeijkens
Set/Prop Design
Eileen Boeijkens
Eileen Boeijkens & Max Peterse


This video was an experiment with a lot of lucky shots, as the afternoon sun came peeking through at the perfect time while shooting. You can’t fake the feeling of real sunlight!

Most of the set is made of cardboard and we used resin for the soda bottles.

We chopped up some pink blossom petals we found in the neighbourhood to make them match the size of the set. Add some good ol’ Japanese metro tunes to that and voilĂ : a mini trip to Tokyo!