Brief summary:

Carsharing platform Juuve, asked us to make an introductory animated video that showed how people are flexible in their mobility needs. Juuve aims to distribute specific mobility needs in a way that is both efficient and ecofriendly.

This project was a blast, because it clicked with us on many different levels. We liked the vision, the no-nonsense mentality of it all. Communication was always smooth, and we basically got card blanche for developing a look and feel – an overall style for the video.


Max Peterse
Background design
Eileen Boeijkens
Cell animation
Max Peterse
Vector animation
Max Peterse / Eileen Boeijkens


For this animation we used a combination of vector illustrations (made in Adobe Illustrator) and hand drawn animation, also known as frame-by-frame animation or cell animation. We created a storyboard and animatic to time everything and finally put it all together in Adobe After Effects.