Brief summary:

Management tools often have a dull annotation, but the fact remains that creative studios really need them anyway. Project managers in a creative studio are often creative people too and they get really bored looking at lifeless matrixes and spreadsheets real fast. Rodeo was aware of this issue and developed an online tool that covers everything a project manager needs and made it look dope. We were asked to illustrate the ease of use for this tool. It started as an illustration brief, but we gave these editorial images some extra punch by animating them.


Sketches / composition
Max Peterse
Illustration & Design
Eileen Boeijkens
Max Peterse


Each feature of the app needed an illustration. The client asked us to give the illustrations a laidback vibe – but not too laidback mind you – that gave a basic understanding of how that particular feature looked and how intuitive it is. We sketched every illustration first, then illustrated them and finally created a looping animation before converting them into GIFs.