SODA Poster

Brief summary:

This poster pictures the basic development process for enabling children when they are stuck. It was made as a ‘going away gift’ for Max’s sister Tara, who is a special education generalist.

SODA stands forĀ Stop Ontspan Denk Actie, which means “Stop, relax, think, take action”.

Tara often works with children who have a learning disability or struggle with school in some other way.

The poster was delivered in both yellow and blue based color palettes on A2 sized posters.

7 Steps can be derived from this poster, and it works as a tool for teachers to visualize ‘what to do’ when someone seems to be stuck in emotion.




Horizon Jeugdzorg en Onderwijs
3D illustration
Max Peterse


Step 1: Stop! You can go left or right, but right means you either take the path of the lion who angrily runs away or the path of the turtle who is passive and goes nowhere. Consider going left!

Step 2: Try to calm yourself. Take a breather for 10 minutes, make a puzzle or do some physical excercise.

Step 3: Think! What do YOU think you could do?

Step 4: Take action. Gather the strength and resolve to make something happen.

Step 5: Establish a plan: what are your goals, what would you like to achieve?

Step 6: Who or what can help you reach your goals?

Step 7: Success! You are as proud as a peacock (hence the peacock feathers on the base of the tower)