Stay Home Stay Positive

Brief summary:

During the Covid-19 Crisis of 2020 we joined forces with Studio Buda from Argentina and many other studios and creatives around the world to work on an exciting project. Each participant was asked to design a balcony with one or more clapping characters on it, as a tribute to the medical workers that proved to be true heroes during this crisis. We combined a miniature set with 2D and 3D animation. The full video can be seen here:


Buda & Motion Appetit
Set Design (miniature)
Eileen Boeijkens
2D Animation
Max Peterse
3D Animation
Max Peterse


We created a miniature set of a balcony with materials like cardboard, foamboard and wood parts. The ivy on the balcony is actually made of dried herbs, and the planters are filled with tiny succulents we found on our own (real life) balcony!

We photographed the set with a backdrop and some miniature furniture, like a chair and a book, to make it look more cosy inside. Then we started animating the character frame by frame, and added some digital lighting to let it blend in with the environment. We then added a flying, clapping drone in 3D. Because yeah, why not?