Tiny Homes

Brief summary:


“Tiny Homes” is a project born during the Covid19 Crisis. As our home suddenly became an even more important part of our lives with working from home and lockdowns, we wanted to bring an ode to this special place.

People can send in pictures of their home (or another special place dear to their heart) and the details of the building they find important. We will make a pencil sketch and after approval, we start building. The eventual product is the front of a home, placed in a box frame with a depth of 6 cm. Sizes may vary, but the standard size is 23 x 30 cm. A glass plate protects the miniature and the frame comes with hooks, so it can easily be hung on a wall.

Want a Tiny Home as well?

We would love to build one for you! Just send us an email and we will build and frame your special place.


By commissions
Eileen Boeijkens


Compilation Tiny House The Tiny Homes are usually based on photographic reference, which we translate to a rough pencil sketch.