Brief summary:

The personal trainer and entrepreneur Lieke Janssen commissioned us with an infographic poster design for her “Zitpreventie” (Prevent sitting) workshops.

The workshop is aimed at businesses (mostly offices), where people could benefit from a more active and healthy lifestyle during and in between work.

The infographic should illustrate different situations where we could avoid sitting. Like drinking coffee while standing or by taking a stroll outside during the lunch break.

The poster is gifted after the workshop, but can also be bought seperately on her website zitpreventie.nl.



Epic Body/Zitpreventie
Sketch & composition
Max Peterse
Eileen Boeijkens


To create the infographic with the different situations we wanted to depict, Max started out sketching compositions that would work for A2, A3 and A4. These were very rough and very basic, but they were enough for Eileen to transform it into a complete and coherent design.

Below are the initial sketch and the final product.